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readers back to watermelon-corp.com. After a while the website stopped running, today we will announce something like this. After 8 months of website shut down, today we have decided to restore the website to a new language.

The country we look at is precisely because of Vietnam. What a beautiful country, isn’t it!.

The goal of this trip we decided to set up this website into Vietnamese language because Vietnam is a place where we can help people there.

We hope this announcement will please you!

the mission to Vietnam website

We change the language so that Vietnamese people can more easily understand. Which are the following tasks when we come to Vietnam.

  • establish a company specializing in internet technology and tips
  • The website will write Vietnamese content to share knowledge about Facebook, Google, and computer tips
  • We will share about the game or how to play the game
  • This website will redirect to vietnamse and also the language is vietnam

Hope this redirection will make you satisfied and sympathized with us.